30 Terrific Second Grade Art Projects and Activities

Second grade art students love a chance to try out new techniques and materials. That’s why they’ll embrace these imaginative projects, which use a wide variety of media to create amazing results. Parents will be impressed by the beautiful masterpieces their kids bring home to display! (Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share … Read more

The Benefits Of Researching Via Physical Text

contributed by Jane HealeyPh.D. Teaching research is extremely complex, and the process must be taught to students at every step. Inserting technological tools because they are easy or convenient is fabulous as long as the tool does not obfuscate the learning. Many fancy programs exist for students to ‘manage’ research projects. These tools offer note-taking … Read more

What Is Social Learning? –

What is social learning? Social learning theory is a behavioral theory that posits that new behaviors can be learned by observing and imitating others. It is underpinned by the idea that meaning-making (ie, learning) is a cognitive behavior and process that occurs in social settings. And it is the possibility of future social interactions that … Read more

Help! My Students Just Don’t Seem to Care

Dear WeAreTeachers:I’ve been working at a high school for five years, and it has been rough. My students don’t do their homework. They are mostly passive in class, with the occasional disruption of side conversations. I was given a curriculum to use. It’s just OK, but not really engaging. I teach Spanish, and I really … Read more

11 Smart Strategies For Improving Your Teaching

by Grant WigginsPh.D., Authentic Education When Stanford Professor Lee Shulman was first enmeshed in the research that led to Board certification of teachers by NBPTS, I asked him – in a hotel bathroom, of all places – what interesting findings were turning up about great teachers as compared to the rest. He replied: “Well, you … Read more

20 Digital Project-Based Learning Teaching Strategies –

What Are Effective Project-Based Learning Teaching Strategies For The Blended Classroom? by Terry Heick While nothing is certain, more and more schools have returned to in-person learning after spending much of the last 24 months in remote teaching and learning circumstances. Which almost makes a post like this less and less useful as each day … Read more

42 Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money

We know teachers shouldn’t have to work a second job. But it’s a reality for so many. Whether it’s to save money for a vacation or to pay off bills that stacked up during Covid, here are some legitimate and creative ways teachers can make extra money. 1. Sell your lesson plans. Teacher Pay Teachers … Read more

The Empowering Benefits Of Social-Emotional Learning –

by Drew Perkins and Jason Littlefield In recent years, educators and students have endured a social-emotional crisis as divisiveness and chaos continue to spread through our culture. As education leaders answer the call to address these needs that are outside the traditional realm of teaching and learning it is important they draw from resources/strategies designed … Read more