Best Women’s History Month Activities for the Classroom

Every year, we celebrate Women’s History Month in March. We’ve put together this great collection of our favorite Women’s History Month activities to celebrate girls and women who have changed our world for the better. Don’t just do these in March, though. These resources are perfect for lessons throughout the school year! 1. Plant something … Read more

Tips From Schools Who’ve Done It

Have you ever wondered how to start an esports club at school? When Eagles Landing Middle School Principal Joe Peccia reflects on launching his school’s esports team, the first thing he recalls is the positive impact it had on disengaged students. Nearly 1/3 of the students on Eagles Landing Middle School’s esports teams were previously … Read more

Best Presidents’ Day Activities for the Classroom

Presidents’ Day is often associated with closed banks, interest-free financing on furniture, and excellent lease terms for well-qualified car buyers. But for teachers, it’s a great opportunity to kick those American history lesson plans up a notch with a few Presidents’ Day activities. Presidents’ Day became a holiday in the late 1800s to honor George … Read more

How To Teach Through Play: A Spectrum

How can you teach through play? We’ve talked before about the role of play in learning, and this is an idea that I’m becoming fascinated with. It’s also a bit of a tough nut to crack. What exactly is playing? Can you make it happen, or must you let it happen? What is the relationship … Read more