Must-Have Teacher Gifts For 2022

Looking for a nice way to show your favorite teacher how much you care with Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of the school year coming up? Fortunately, we’ve got the answers. When you’re thinking about the best teacher gifts, you can either choose something they can use in their classrooms or something they can … Read more

16 Fairy Tale Books for Kids

Fairy tales are fun to share and have tons of curriculum possibilities, so it’s no wonder fairy tale books for kids are fixtures in most elementary classrooms. If you’re looking to add some fun new options to your collection—especially to improve representation—check out this list of some of our less-conventional favorites. (Just a heads up, … Read more

The Most Important Things Students Learn At School

The Things That Linger After They’ve Forgotten Everything You Taught by Terry Heick Learning has little to do with content. If we’re talking about learning as a personal manifestation of some kind–the two-way flow of referential schema in a fluid act of recognition and sense-making–then learning is something that happens completely inside the mind, and … Read more

5 Oral Learning Feedback Strategies For ESL Classrooms –

contributed by Aziz Ghannaj It goes without saying that feedback is an essential concept in language teaching as it “has a place in most theories of second language (L2) learning and language pedagogy” (Ellis, 2009). It should be used to enhance learning within an ESL classroom. Interestingly, oral feedback is the most frequent type of … Read more

30 Free and Fun Kindergarten Science Activities

When you’re in kindergarten, every day is chock-full of new discoveries! These hands-on kindergarten science experiments and activities take advantage of kids’ boundless curiosity. They’ll learn about physics, biology, chemistry, and more basic science concepts, gearing them up to become lifelong learners. (Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the … Read more

14 Ways To Help Students Build Confidence

Once it’s begun, it’s difficult to fully separate the person from the task. When the artist is painting, the painter and the act of painting become a single ‘thing.’ The painting becomes a part of it all, too. As a teacher, your ‘self’ is embedded within your teaching—which is how it goes from ‘job’ to … Read more

The Big List of Virtual Author Activities for Students

Hearing authors talk about how they write their books is really inspirational for kids. It’s also terrific to hear them read their own books out loud, bringing their work to life. We’ve rounded up a whole selection of pre-recorded author visits, author read alouds, and other virtual author activities like drawing sessions for you and … Read more