Try Tract to Find Inspiration for Fun Lessons

Disclosure: Tract is an advertiser on Last fall I introduced many of you to Tract as a platform for Genius Hour activities, for PBL, and for remote learning. Many of you have reported that it has been great for all of those things. Now I’d like to suggest another way to think about using … Read more

Why Does the School Football Program Come First?

Dear WearTeachers:As a high school teacher, the special treatment our football team really gets under my skin. They’re incredibly well-funded and have tons of support staff. Meanwhile, I can’t afford lab equipment for dissections, and my only help is a TA. Plus, the players are always getting out of class for football-related events. The coaches … Read more

How Inquiry Teaching Can Help Us Through Divided Times –

How Inquiry Teaching Can Help Us Through Divided Times by Drew Perkins, Director of TeachThought PD Educators and education, in general, political are getting swept into the morass of culture wars and polemic battles playing out in our media and processes and the downstream effects aren’t only disspiriting, they’re dangerous. Dangerous to and for the … Read more

Everything Teachers Loved This Week

Whether you’re hoping to snag some inexpensive classroom rewards, find fun and easy inspiration, have a laugh or vent frustrations, download free resources, or add some supplies lessons to your wish list, you can count on your fellow teachers to have the best tips. To make things easier, we’ve gathered up all the articles and … Read more